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Founder & CEO, Jordan Tomb
JORDAN TOMB'S Organic and Fairtrade Coffee - Mexico Chiapas
Founder & CEO, Jordan TombJORDAN TOMB'S Organic and Fairtrade Coffee - Mexico Chiapas
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jordan_tombs
Allegheny, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15202
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/JordanTombsOrganics/
County: Allegheny

JORDAN TOMB'S is a company founded by Jordan Tomb (who else?) -- a visual artist and musician -- that is all about Certified Organic & FairTrade Coffees; Organic Teas, Matchas, & Herbal Infusions; and, promoting the quality of our lives, over the quantity of our things, through art, design, & organic treats (and good business practices).

It's been years in the making, but we finally launched in 2021.   Check out what we're up to now and watch us evolve and improve over time.

We are headquartered in Bellevue, PA (a short jaunt from Pittsburgh, if you didn't already know) but we are a national brand, available to everybody in the US.  Find us online: www.JordanTombs.com

We select and small-batch-roast the best tasting, single origin, Certified Organic, Certified FairTrade Coffees in our roastery on Lincoln Avenue in Bellevue, PA.

We pick and pack the best Certified Organic Teas (like our Bellevue Breakfast Blend -- a must taste), Certified Organic Matchas (including our Japanese Ceremonial Grade, whoa), and Certified Organic Herbal Infusions (you have to try our Hibiscus Berry -- so good).

We have a curated collection of Specialty Coffee & Tea Brewing Gear, as well as some super-cool stuff that you can create music & art from (like pocket-sized drum synthesizers, neato), and some cool branded items (guitar picks; yes, guitar picks -- made right here in the U.S.A.), all available on our U.S. Web Shop: shop.JordanTombs.com

We also measure and off-set all of our business' impacts with Gold Standard Off-Sets (we're carbon neutral); we power our entire facility with wind-generated electricity (from Green Mountain Energy); and, we work diligently toward being as plastic-free (we only pack our coffees and teas in compostable packaging, including the zippers, valves, and labels) and as zero-waste as we can be (composting, reusing, recycling, and only sending things to a landfill as a last resort). We are a seriously green company so we can make the world better for you and everybody else.

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