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Twitter: https://twitter.com/sitosfoods
4757 Baum Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA, United States, Pennsylvania 15213
Phone #: 412-414-5209
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sitos-Foods/144116398985369?fref=ts
County: Allegheny

We cater for any event.  Fresh and delicious Mediterranean fare and the BEST salad dressing that you will ever try in your life!

Testimonial to Farm to Table Pittsburgh:

“When I first heard of Farm To Table, I thought it was a group of fancy restaurants that decided to act together to form a marketing strategy to make money. After some time of seeing this ad all over the place, I decided to investigate and see what is all the fuss about and just who were these restaurants collaborating with to make a buck.

Much to my surprise I found Farm To Table to mean much more than what I expected. I was very happy to discover that this organization is not a small group of business people benefiting from others, but rather a huge community, networking to give to others. Now when I think of Farm To Table I think of my grandfather working on his farm preserving the land, encouraging neighboring family farmers, teaching us the importance of growing our own food, and sharing that food with our community.

Farm To Table does all of this and much more, it helps us preserve agricultural traditions, through education, and networking to help our community grow in a world where so much of our pure, simple and natural lifestyle has been lost.

Thank you to Farm To Table Pittsburgh for all the hard work, to educate us, to encourage us, support and promote us and most of all- to keep us grounded.”

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