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Farm to Table means many things: Knowing where your food comes from; accessing fresh nutritional food; supporting local businesses; and last but not least, getting back to our roots.

Farm to Table at School & Work

Farm to Table Pittsburgh is the local food &  healthy eating component of Pathways to SmartCare Wellness Program.  We provide Local Food Programs for schools, employers, affordable housing and community groups.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between consumers and local food producers. Eating locally grown food benefits both our physical health and also our local economic health.

Highlights from our Annual Conference

Farm to School Programs

Little Locavore Farm to School Program

Little Locavores

Farm to Table Pittsburgh designs on-site programming for teachers and students to learn where their food comes from and how nutrition can positively affect their education career.

Local Food Events & Workshops

Farm to Table Pittsburgh hosts several Lunch & Learns, Cooking Demonstrations, and Workshops every month. Most events are free and we even host a series just for kids called Little Locavores!  Events take place throughout the Pittsburgh region.

You can find the list of events on our blog: Farm to Table Pittsburgh Events

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