Farmers Are on the Front Lines of the Climate Crisis

From flooded fields to record-breaking temperatures, farmers are dealing with the very real and immediate effects of climate change. Our member farms are giving their all to mitigate the damage and grow a healthier future. And we’ve got their back. Through our educational programming, farm-based research, and policy work—we’re supporting farmers in the fight against climate change.  Will you help us give back? Make a donation to Pasa on behalf of your farmer, your community, and your planet.   Donate    

What we’re doing:   

We’re spreading the message: Farmers are on the front lines of the climate crisis.

We’re supporting farmers’ efforts to steward the land in a way that reduces agriculture’s contribution to pollution: Read our Water Farming report

We’re helping farmers build healthy soils, resilient to the damage from increasingly severe weather: Read our Soil Health Benchmarks Report

What you can do:   
Help us share this message. We’ve designed an Earth Week packet including digital graphics and free printed cards to help you spread the word. 

Make a donation to Pasa. Your support helps us continue to facilitate farmer-to-farmer education and training, conduct farm-based research, and help policy makers understand farmers’ needs.  

Share our climate action message  

Thank you for helping us give back!  
Hanna Smith-Brubaker
Executive Director
Co-Owner, Village Acres Farm

Kim Tait
Board Member
Owner, Tait Farm Foods

Nathan Holmes
Board Member
Owner, Three Rivers Grown