412 Food Rescue: Innovation to Impact

Exciting report from our friends at 412 Food Rescue!

With a focus on sustainability, over 400 food donors, including Gordon Foodservice, Sysco, and Giant Eagle, have all collaborated with us to create a scalable retail infrastructure for food recovery that we plan to deliver to other grocers and new markets.

We applaud the Housing Authorities of the City and County and our network of 470+ nonprofit distribution partners for understanding that to make an impact on hunger we MUST bridge that last mile to food access and reach people where they are.

Most of all, we are proud of over 4,000 people in the region who have used our technology and signed up to be #FoodRescueHeroes – the Uber of Food Rescue, indeed, we have the largest volunteer food transport network in the U.S.

In three years, our work has enabled the expansion food access networks beyond traditional pantries. This expanded network has put food within walking distance to an additional 100,000 people – 13,300 of whom are in poverty (GIS MAP). We bridge not only food deserts, but also transit deserts. Using the USDA metric, we have improved food security among 88% of those whom we serve (Research Summary).

With your support and our growing partner community, we will deepen our impact on the Pittsburgh region and share this infrastructure with other cities throughout the country to end food waste and hunger.

Download the report here.