Clarion River Organics: home delivered local pastured meat

100% grass fed beef eat a lot of hay in the winter!

Emanuel is proud to feed his cattle nothing but organic grass all year round. It’s how he gets the best tasting, most nutritious beef possible. But it is expensive to feed organic hay all winter! He’d love to send a few nice steers to the butcher this month, so we’re offering reduced prices on all beef halves and quarters in December.

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Roast dinner is the king of holiday dinners. We’ve got hams, pork shoulder, brisket, beef roast, and roasting chickens that will fill your table with flavor all winter long. Use promo code ROASTDINNER to get $25 off all orders over $250, plus free delivery. If your order only requires a depost with the balance to be calculated later, we’ll apply the discount for you.