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2014 Chatham Track

Chatham Track

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2014 Farm to Table Conference Sponsors

Saturday in Room 324

Led by Students at Chatham University Falk School of Sustainability

10:00 AM
Landon Depaulo, Meredith Kneel & Michelle LeGree
Farm Truck Foods: Bridging the Gap Between Local Farmers and Food Insecure Communities in the Greater Pittsburgh Region
10:45 AM
Hanna Mosca & Casey Vogan
Seed Bombs
11:45 AM
Katie Walker & Brittany Thorp
Fermenting Basics: Getting Started with Sauerkraut
12:45 PM
Amber Webb & Maureen Gullen
Bean to Bar: Tasting Sustainable Chocolate
1:45 PM
Sam Mass, Drew Cranisky, Elisa Loeser & Lori Diefenbacher
No Farms, No Booze
2:45 PM
Mary Miller & Beth Taylor
Pennsylvania Food Trails
3:45 PM
Addie Hurst & Arielle Seligson
Composting with Worms!