Is the World Really Round?

It was once commonplace to understand that the World was flat, and we were capable of sailing directly over the edge. Although much has changed with regard to our perspective of the Earth, the view of the World seems to have remained relatively similar. Currently, with regards to our Food Waste, we believe that when we throw our waste away, it travels over the edge to the landfill where it will never be seen or heard from again. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Our food waste is returning back to our world in the form of Greenhouse Gases, negatively impacting our World. Many companies like Ecotone Renewables are leading the way to demonstrate the circular perspective of our Food System.

When food waste is produced at your local restaurant, school, or business, and processed by Ecotone Renewables ZEUS Digester, the converted waste now becomes a nutrient dense Fertilizer. This leads to decreased global greenhouse gas emissions and enhanced Food Production with the newly converted “Soil Sauce”.

Understandably, it is only a matter of time before our World truly begins to act on our perspective of the circular food system. However, I dream to connect that reality faster so that we all have the time to enjoy the Fruits of our labor.

Interestingly enough, those same cultures of our past world that viewed the Earth as flat, also deeply understood the circular food system, and greatly used it to their advantage.

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