What’s the Farmer’s Share of a Fourth of July cookout?

This weekend people across the country will head to grocery stores and supermarkets to stock up for their Fourth of July festivities. Did you know that on average, less than 15 cents of every one of those dollars spent on food makes it back to farmers and ranchers? For some summer cookout staples, it’s even less. That bag of potato chips? Less than 5% makes it back to potato growers, and just 3% goes to wheat growers for the hamburger buns for our burgers. 

What can be done? Plenty! National Farmers Union is leading the way with our Fairness for Farmers campaign. Corporate consolidation and monopolies let massive companies set their own prices, paying farmers less and charging consumers more. We’re fighting for fairer markets and a 2023 Farm Bill that brings more competition to our markets and increases the Farmer’s Share of the food dollar. 

Here’s the full breakdown of the Fourth of July Farmer’s Share products: 

·     8ct Hamburger Buns: Retail price, $3.49. Farmer’s Share, $0.10 

·     2lbs Ground Beef: Retail price, $11.07. Farmer’s Share, $3.42 

·     1lb Tomatoes: Retail price, $2.00. Farmer’s Share, $0.42 

·     1lb Lettuce: Retail price, $2.79. Farmer’s Share, $0.76 

·     Party Size Potato Chips: Retail price, $5.99. Farmer’s Share, $0.29 

·     2l Soda: Retail price, $1.19. Farmer’s Share, $0.09 

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