From our Friends at Harvie Farm:

In 2022, we put more than $3 million back into Pittsburgh’s local economy.

This year, 4,632 Harvie members — including you! — helped support the city’s economy by eating and buying locally, which, in turn, had many positive effects on the environment, local businesses and farms, the Pittsburgh community, and more.

Our 2022 Impact: 

This year, we delivered 68,392 boxes filled with local and sustainably sourced food to its members.

You and other Harvie members supported 253 small producers and growers and tried over 1,532 new products. In total, Harvie members purchased 1,000,057 productsthis year.

We expanded our local food footprint by delivering to 104 zip codes.

We reused and recycled 80% percent of our packaging, keeping the waste out of landfills.

Together, we’ve made huge strides in building Pittsburgh’s local food system. Here’s to another year of eating well and building a strong food economy!