Immersion Lab: A Farm to Table Expo Feature

From a partnership with GIANT and the Pennsylvania Friends of Agriculture, the Immersion Lab was created to “Help communities across the state learn and understand where their food, clothes, and other supplies come from.”

    Ever wonder where your food comes from? Have you ever stopped to think about the science and knowledge that goes into growing and raising the peppers in your salad or the beef in your burger? The PA Farms to Families Immersion Lab powered by GIANT, supported by the Pennsylvania Friends of Agriculture Foundation, allows guests to learn about PA farms, discover environmental considerations to impact food production, experience riding on a tractor through a VR corn field, quiz yourself to see how well you know common fruits and vegetables, practice building a balanced meal with Pennsylvania-grown foods and learn about the community it takes to bring food from the field to the plate for PA families (Source:

    Pennsylvania Farms featured with the Immersion Lab:

    • Brightfarms: Aquaponics
    • Painterland Farms: Organic, Regenerative Dairy Farm
    • Lazy Hog Farm: Hog Farm
    • Buono Farms: Mushroom Farming

    Experience the Immersion Lab at the Farm to Table Expo at the Pittsburgh Home & Garden Show on March 3 – 12, 2023 at the Pittsburgh Convention Center!