Local Food Delivery – NWPA Growers

From out friends at NWPA Growers:

Are you concerned about the safety of the food that you buy? Are you looking for locally-produced food? NWPA Growers can help! Since we already have the ordering and delivery systems set up, we are working with many farmers in the area who have been affected by reduced wholesale orders and closed farmer’s markets.

We are opening up our online store to orders again this weekend, which will be delivered on Wednesday, April 1. You can meet us at our normal pickup locations, or we are offering home/workplace delivery if you’re within a few miles of our route. Pittsburgh and the 79 north corridor up to Meadville are available for home delivery as long as we have enough orders in your neighborhood to warrant a stop there (sorry Franklin and Erie areas).

Our store has lots of lettuce and greens from Harmony Grove Farm; artisanal breads from Going with the Grain Bread; various cow and goat cheeses from area dairies; beef, pork, and a little bit of chicken; eggs and milk; honey and maple syrup, and more!

If you place an order, please choose your pickup location from the list if you are not a current member. And if you want home delivery, please choose that option, even if your community is listed.

Spring CSA
We have just a few spots left in our Spring CSA, which runs every two weeks in April and May. We need more members in some of our Pittsburgh neighborhoods in order to come there, so if you’re in Pittsburgh and are looking for fresh produce this spring, be sure to sign up by Sunday night. I will notify everyone on Monday whether your location is a go. Sign up here.

Summer CSA
We are changing software platforms in June to Harvie, which will allow customized shares. We are looking for pickup hosts in the Pittsburgh neighborhoods listed above. We will also offer home delivery within a few miles of our pickup locations and route. Email me to discuss possibilities in your neighborhood. Find out all about Summer CSA here!

Area farmers are doing our best to feed our local communities in this turbulent time. The local food system is the safer than grocery stores with very few people handling the food. We are grateful to our communities for your support.