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Flood Impacts and Solutions:

Increased flooding is one of the most immediate and devastating impacts of climate change. In Pennsylvania, the record rainfall of 2018 took a huge toll on farms across the Commonwealth and caused millions of dollars in infrastructure damages to towns and cities. 

The good news is that farms can be at the forefront of flood mitigation.

Join us May 12 for this virtual lunchtime listening sessionLoran Steinlage of FLOLOfarms and several conservation experts will discuss how building soil organic matter can play a critical role in protecting communities downstream.

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Field Notes:

Pasa’s Dairy Grazing Project Manager Lucas Waybright shares his notes from a recent field day demonstrating the creativity and adaptability that go into grazing animals on pasture. (Including an inside look at a pasture trial the host farmer is conducting!)

Happening soon: Join Lucas at Painterland Farms for a special two-day intensive on Regenerative Grazing with Ian Mitchell-Innes.

Why Adaptability Is Key for Graziers

Graziers are regularly monitoring their pastures and need flexible infrastructure that allows them to quickly adapt to the needs of the herd and the land. Our presenter, Eli Mack of Mack Farms shared his knowledge about moveable fencing and watering systems, as well as his philosophy: “When it comes to building a grazing system to meet your farm’s goals, the only limiting factor is your creativity.” 

I got to see some of that grazier creativity in action after the event. I spent a little extra time with our host Benuel Blank, who grazes 35 milking cows and some heifers rotationally through his 80+ acre farm. Head to our blog to learn about his current experiment.

More Upcoming Events:

5.11 Irrigation Systems for Urban Growers 

at the Garden Resource Center in Pittsburgh

5.18-5.19 Regenerative Grazing with Ian Mitchell-Innes 

at Painterland Farms

We’re hiring a full crop of new positions to deepen our farm-based research, grow our technical assistance for farmers, and support our staff and community.

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