Quiet Creek Herb Farm Kimchi Recipe

We are excited that Quiet Creek Herb Farm will be participating in this year’s conference as an exhibitor and speaker. They will be speaking about mushrooms, herbal mixes, herbal teas, and fermentation of kimchi and kraut. Come see them during the Home and Garden show! Also, try out their recipe for kimchi!

Kim Chi

🥗15 lbs. chopped Napa cabbage

🥗7 ½ T. salt (or ½ T. salt per pound)

🥗3 ½ lbs (or more) chopped carrots, daikon radishes, onions, leeks, etc.

Pepper Sauce

🌶️3 C dried hot peppers, such as Anaheim, chile, cayenne, etc.

🌶️1 C powdered brown rice

🌶️3 C water

🌶️2 C fish sauce

🌶️5 cloves garlic, pureed in ¼ C water

🌶️¼ C dried ginger, or fresh to taste

Mix salt with the cabbage and let wilt for a few hours, while chopping the other vegetables and making the pepper sauce.

Mix all ingredients together and pack into jars, leaving space at the top for the Kim Chi to expand as it ferments. Lid the jars, leaving enough looseness for the carbon dioxide to escape as it ferments. Set in a bowl or deep pan and let ferment for 3-7 days, to taste. Tighten lid and refrigerate.