After close to a decade of providing diners with inventive, fresh cuisine utilizing ingredients from multiple local producers, Station in Bloomfield will be closing as owner and chef Curtis Gamble and family prepare to move to Tennessee. 

Station earned a loyal and appreciative following due to its cozy digs, care in generating a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere, and commitment to offering consistently amazing food and beverages.  Signature dishes like Celery Root Soup, Chicken Liver Mousse, and Carrot Bolognese showcased the quality of elements used to create them,  as well as Gamble’s vision and innovation. The dedication that Gamble and crew showed to principles and philosophies endeared them to friends, neighbors, and supporters as well. 

While some as yet unscheduled pop-ups are on the horizon, this Friday, February 16th, will be the last day of regular service. On Saturday, February 17th, the restaurant holds a ticketed closing night party. Stop in while you still can, get a last taste of the dishes that made Station a backbone of the community, and bid farewell to this pioneer of the Pittsburgh restaurant community.