Strip District Market

Sunday Mornings

Our fast-paced weekdays evolve into the exciting drum of a Saturday night, followed by the quiet hum of a warm Sunday morning. Suddenly, the thought of a home-cooked veggie omelet, paired with a gorgeous fruit salad seems to be the only antidote to re-balance our Chakras, revamp our energy tanks, and eliminate those Sunday Scaries. An empty fridge, however, will not suffice. Therefore, to the Strip District we go! 

The Strip!

Located at 1809 Penn Ave, the Strip District Farmers Market is a produce haven situated in a central part of our city. Usually located in Market Square, this market has been temporarily relocated for COVID-related concerns. Nonetheless, the Strip is charming, endearing, and inviting. White tents are situated on both sides of the street, with each vendor presenting a unique profile of fruits, vegetables, shrubs, and vegetable plants. Arrive between 9 am and 1 pm on Sunday mornings with a pocketful of cash to engage with the local farmers and the community. 

Produce Haven

After visiting this past Sunday, I was especially drawn to displays of honeycrisp apples, $1 mangoes, and a beautiful spread of pitted fruits like yellow peaches, plums, apricots, nectarines. I stumbled across a fun plum-apricot hybrid called “pluots.” Catchy, right? 

Also, summer months obviously scream for berries. Top your sweet yogurt parfait with a sprinkle of blueberries and blackberries; add fresh strawberries to your chilled smoothie bowl; create a juicy berry medley to feed the babies. Do what you want! Just don’t deny yourself the satisfaction of biting into a locally sourced, antioxidant-packed fruit. 

On the veggie front, the shiny yellow and red bell peppers stole the show last Sunday morning. These veggies wear their ripeness on their sleeve: deep, rich colors indicate a very ripe pepper. After choosing the prettiest peppers, give them a thorough wash and chop into uniform slices for snacking. Better yet, feed that precious omelet craving! Dice and saute your peppers alongside mushrooms and white onions to sneak in macronutrients before noon. Stuffed peppers are another classic: the options are beautifully endless.


Vendors at the Strip’s market include Simmons Farm, Sand Hill Berries, Cherish Creamery, and Aunt Carol’s Gourmet Dips, along with others. While interacting with the vendors, it is imperative to remember your mask and maintain appropriate social distancing. A cute, portable hand sanitizer never hurts either. We want to support our farmers, so we must support their health, along with our own! See you next Sunday 🙂