Footprints Farm’s Featured Item: Broiler Chickens

Broiler chickens are ready to go! 

From our friends at Footprints Farm:

It’s Pastured broiler chicken season!  

Are you looking for a healthy way to feed the family as you make it through the end of school year madness? Take advantage of the season and set up meals for the whole week! Healthy, healing, and easy. 

Our chickens have enjoyed the pasture and now it is time for you to enjoy them! If you parted a whole chicken last week, congratulations! Now, what should you do with it?

Check you the new blog feature on our website to find out! Just click here to learn how to prepare your whole chickens, ditch the drive-thru, and have healthy food all week. 

Where to Find Us

Monday, May 30 
Farm Pick Up @ 5 PM

Wednesday, June 1
Perryopolis @ 3:15 PM
Connellsville @ 4:30 PM 
Uniontown @ 6:30 PM 
Friday, June 3 
Morgantown @ 2:00 PM 

Please place all orders no later than 3 days before pick up and before 11:45 PM on the day of the order. 

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