April 26, 2022: Appalachian Food Works Producer-Buyer Meet Up

The Producer-Buyer Meetup has returned!

“The soil is the great connector of lives, the source and destination of all . . . without proper care for it we can have no life.” – Wendell Berry

A note from Travis Lesser, Founder & Executive Director of Appalachian Food Works:

I have been waiting a long time to send this email. Just about two years, to be exact.

On March 2, 2020, we held our first meetup, at the time called the Farmer-Buyer Meetup. It was a great night where we provided a physical representation of what App Food Works stood to do: connect local food producers with local food buyers. Maybe you see yourself in the photo above from that night.

We all know what happened in the next few weeks, but because that evening was such a success I wanted to make it a priority to hold another one as soon as we are able.

I am very pleased to invite wholesale food buyers, farmers, processors and producers to join us as we continue to make connections across our food system here in and around Centre County. 

On Tuesday, April 26th, we will begin by meeting at Goot Essa  at 4PM where we will receive a guided tour of their cheese cave, and we will follow that up by meeting just down the road at Hublersburg Inn to get to know one another and sample local food products! 

Farmers and producers: bring samples, price lists, business cards, and anything else that can fit on a table to promote your product!

Wholesale buyers: bring business cards and come ready to meet potential local food suppliers for your operation.

Hublersburg Inn kitchen and bar will be open with their regular food and drink menu.

Boalsburg Market vendors that are unable to attend but wish to have product samples present can contact us to make arrangements

RSVP by 4/21 by email travis@appfoodworks.org or call/text 814-303-2544.

Appalachian Foods Virtual Cooking Classes

Virtual Cooking Classes for as little as a $7 donation. You will receive 4 videos of local chefs and Travis demonstrating how to prepare local food. These videos were made possible in part by a grant from the PA Department of Agriculture, and the four participating chefs and their creations are:

  • Beet crostini with homemade ricotta cheese (Rebecca Elman – The Hidden Hostess)
  • Turmeric lemonade (Chef Shane Orndorf)
  • CBD infused mulled cider and non-alcoholic cider spritzer (Bob Ricketts – Pink Mule Growers)
  • Roasted butternut squash (Chef Zach Lorber – State College High School Culinary Program)

You will receive the links to the four videos with your receipt upon making your contribution. For donations, please click:

Looking to rent cold, frozen, or dry storage space? Please feel free to contact Travis directly at travis@appfoodworks.org or call 814-303-2544 to arrange a time to chat!

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