Seedling Sale now open for ordering!

Seedlings for your garden, patio, or pot…

Annual Seedling Sale!

We have a greenhouse full of beautiful seedlings sizing up.  We’ve got tried and true varieties for you and your friends.  So get the word out that the fun is about to begin!  Choosing what you grow each year in your little or big plot is a special and exciting time of the year.  These plants you will be choosing will be your companions through this season and also part of your meals.  You share the days and woes and ways of weather together and then also meal time, like a good friend.

Take a look at what we have to offer, here at the online market.  If you don’t have an account.  It’s easy to create one.  Just click on the “Sign Up!” at the top of the Online Market home page.  To just browse at what we have to offer, click on “Start Shopping”.  Although if you get ahead of yourself and want to add something, it will stop and have you sign in or create an account before you can order anything.

Remember these offerings are all seedlings!  None of what we have on the store right now are veggies ready to eat.  Well you could eat the lettuce out of a 4 packl but it would be a baby bite of a head of lettuce, verses a huge spring head!

Some plants are in 4 packs and others are in 4″ pots.  This is noted with the price below each item.  For more details on a veggie simply click on the item and small window with more information will come up.

We hope your excited to get your fingers dirty and plant yourself a little or big patch of growing companions.  Enjoy planning your patch and shopping!  The season is beginning!

First pick up: cool season plants only available from the Shopping for: 

April 15th: On Farm and East Liberty Pick up Locations

Two more pick days with warm season as well as some cool season plants:
May 7th: On Farm and Bloomfield Market
May 15th: On Farm and Squirrel Hill Market

Order away!  Get hungry!  If you have any questions please give us a call, 814-221-7177, or shoot us an email at

Cheers to planning and planting!

Your Farmers,
Chris and Aeros

PS: Farmers Markets start in May!
1st Bloomfield Saturday Market May 7th
1st Squirrel Hill Sunday Market May 15th