It’s a Great Day for Bacon

Welcome to the first edition of the Pork Gazette! My name is Billy and I am a Pork-a-holic.

Some of my friends call me Pork Billy, some call me The Meat-A-Saurous. (And some don’t call me ‘cause they know I’ll eat all their bacon. LOL.) In this piggy chronicle, we will explore the many varieties of bacon, sausage and other fine pork products from Greg, Jen, and the Blackberry Meadows farm family.

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The PG will be a roadmap for you to the best meats, best food practices, and best recipes to help you find your own holy grail of flavor from the meats at Blackberry Meadows Farm. My relentless search for the ultimate taste experience has taken me around the globe rubbing elbows with Oscar Meyer, John Morrell, Jimmy Dean, and Bob Evans to name a few.

And now, I’m at Blackberry Meadows farm where the air is clear, the breeze is sweet and the pigs are doing the happy dance knee deep in mud.

This is pork heaven.

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In this first issue, I want to tell you about the best kept secret in the world of pork: Riblets.

Riblets are spare ribs cut into manageable sized strips. They are flavorful and tender, and are bone licking good. Riblets lend themselves to long slow cooking while remaining juicy and tender.

✔️ Riblets are a type of food that is often used in Asian cooking and is very tasty to eat.

✔️ Perfect for tailgating, parties, or a late-night munch.

✔️ Make sure you have plenty of napkins. Enjoy these tasty morsels.

My personal holy grail of food is bacon. Next I will show you how to cook the classic, perfect slice of BBM bacon.

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Until then, we’ll keep shaking the bacon tree to see what falls out.


Click here for the Riblet Recipe. Buy Riblets HERE.