Creek to Table: Stocking PA Trout Streams

Fresh fish with fresh air

The Pennsylvania Fish and Game Comission (PFBC) stocks trout and other fish species in Pennsylvania creeks throughout the year.  You can find out where the stocking truck is going throughout the week and help them transport buckets of fish from the truck to the creek. Even kids can participate!

Stocking trout is a family friendly activity!

Dump, Don’t Dip

The best part is that after you stock the creeks you can fish for them (just make sure they are in season)!  Purchase a PA fishing license online or at any sporting goods store that sells them. Don’t forget to bring your gear and bait!  Children 16 and younger do not need a license to fish.  There are 2 free fishing days per year for those over Dump, don't Dip the buckets of fish.16.  The first is this upcoming Sunday, May 24 and the second is Saturday, July 4.


Trout Stocking Schedule

Visit the PFBC website page about stocking to learn more, then search for a scheduled stock in any county in Pennsylvania.  PFBC Trout Stocking Schedule