The Family Cow is Saved!

From our Friends at the Family Cow:

Good morning Family Cow Tribe!

Breaking news! Transource Energy has officially announced the power line route.

The news is mixed, but let’s do the good news first.

Transource says they will NOT be cutting our farm in half and destroying us. The original line segment #323 was designed to cut 3000 feet straight across our farm. So we do have word from them that they will not be doing that. That much is good news. Really good news! Praise the Lord!

Here is a really big, warm, expressive thank you to every single one of you wonderful folks who took the time out of your busy lives to help us. Abby Foster says that this decision was directly influenced by the flood of respectful yet powerful letters from you.

Transource has publicly stated that The Family Cow tribe generated more comments than any other group! 🙂 I’m sure! I’m sure! I think all total it was something over 1300 letters! Words can’t express the gratitude we feel. Your heartfelt, totally real passion moved them! I’m not surprised… Your letters moved us too!

The not so good and not-sure-how-to-feel news is that Transource has not switched to the other alternative routes which they had originally listed as options. Either of those options would have taken the power line farther away from The Family Cow farm. Instead, what they have done is redesign line segment #323 to now run roughly 5000 feet of line on the perimeter of our farm.

So what are we to think? One thing we do know for sure is that running on the farm perimeter is better than running through the center. So we are very glad that they will not be splitting our farm. That would have been disastrous on a very huge scale.

The uncertainty comes from the limited information we have from Transource this early in the game. We have not been able yet to find out if they will be forcing the right-of-way on the edge of our property or if that right-of-way will lie just to the outside of our farm or if maybe the right-of-way will be split between the neighboring property and our farm. In a week or two we should have that answer. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

Either way, even though we are not exactly thrilled with the prospects of a power line on the edge of our farm… it is better than through the center.

You can tell I’m trying hard to think positive. 🙂

Thank you again for all your heartfelt support… We’ll never forget!

Blessings on your day.

Your farmer,

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