What is Farm to Table Connections of Western PA?

Our mission started out very simply: Connect consumers to local food producers to ensure food security and access to healthy food throughout our region. That mission hasn’t changed, but since 2007, regional local food access has improved and demand for local food products has increased exponentially. Farm to Table Pittsburgh has responded to this evolution by broadening our reach of local food producers, and we decided to update our name to Farm to Table Western PA.

Our network of farms, food producers, and retailers in connection with the scope of consumers we reach on a daily basis has put us in a position to be a cheerleader for products and services that are locally grown and produced.

We want to offer you the opportunity to be a part of our consumer reach network and media promotions that will help grow your revenue, reach a new audience, and achieve your business goals.

Your membership will:

  • Generate more demand for your local farm products and/or locally produced food
  • Give you opportunities to develop better B2B relationships
  • Connect you with regional commerce organizations that promote local food, like farmers markets, tourist bureaus, co-ops, community development organizations, and county fairs
  • Showcase your products at existing, successful regional events that include a local food component
  • Help you learn about each other’s products at ongoing Farm to Table Connections Lunch & Learns
  • Get your products in retail stores with shelving labeled “Farm to Table Connections of Western PA” throughout the region
  • Help showcase your business location with organized community events such as farm tours and food/beverage tastings

Want to get involved?

Have any questions? Contact us at (412) 563-8800, ehart@american-healthcare.net

Keep it real! Keep it local!