We might imagine winter a time of idleness for farms and growers, amid the seemingly fallow stillness of February. But while outwardly it may be small, quiet, and gray, plenty of activity stirs beneath its surface leading up to the big, loud brightness to come, as seeds both literal and metaphorical are planted.

For organizations, it’s frequently time to focus on the reinforcement necessary to dig all the way in when the sun dawns on spring and summer. And for Grow Pittsburgh, it’s the perfect time to put together a party. Next month, through the efforts of Development Manager Vee Cugini, they partner with Goodlander Cocktail Brewery and Drew’s Clues on “Farm Fresh Trivia”, a one-night only event combining food, beverages, and trivia in support of upcoming programs. 

Grow Pittsburgh’s Garden Dreams

Grow Pittsburgh began working with Drew’s Clues, a trivia and entertainment company created by Drew Cranisky, during the pandemic, when his skills were utilized online to raise funds and engage with supporters when same room interaction wasn’t possible.  Farm Fresh Trivia will be their first in-person collaboration. 

While the event is titled “Farm Fresh”, and takes “garden” as its thematic cue, participation is open to players with all levels of knowledge and experience. “As far as garden knowledge, Drew takes the term “garden” and really runs with it,” says Cugini, citing as an example a prior event which included a category on The Garden State, AKA New Jersey, with Bruce Springsteen as an answer. “I had friends who did trivia with me last year who had never gardened before who had more correct answers than I did as a master gardener.” 

While master gardeners are clearly welcome, Cugini hopes the event will bring contenders at any level of experience and can serve as an introduction to the organization for those previously unfamiliar. “It’s always great to see people that support us, but it’s so lovely to have new people come that just heard about the event and want to do trivia and are interested in learning more about Grow Pittsburgh,” she says.

Grow Pittsburgh has been an established proponent of fresh food advocacy for close to two decades, empowering the community with access, education, and ability through multiple undertakings that bring health and nutrition directly to the people. Workshops and training that not only teach people to grow their own food, but how to pass on what they’ve learned;  urban farm sites growing and distributing produce with opportunity for hands-on involvement; and the creation of school and neighborhood gardens across Allegheny County- these efforts and more make them a pivotal element in solidifying the population’s health as informed by its diets. 

In addition to the upcoming event, they’re presenting numerous online and in-person workshops, classes, and info sessions- check their website for details on all of the programs and resources they facilitate. 

“Farm Fresh Trivia” welcomes teams of two to six players. Individuals are encouraged to show up and will be joined with other solo attendees or small groups to form larger teams. Admission includes a catered dinner from Salem’s Market and Grill, and beverages will be available for purchase. All present must be 21 years of age or older. Tickets are on a sliding scale ranging from $30-$50 per person, and can be purchased here. Space is limited for this event, and advance ticketing is strongly recommended.