Holiday Decorations and Ornaments Collection

The holiday season is fast approaching and we wanted to let you know that we will once again be collecting ornaments and holiday decorations to distribute to 13 local affordable housing buildings and senior high-rise buildings.

Last year, Buy Fresh Buy Local/Farm to Table Western PA partnered with Gardening Guru Doug Oster to deliver 800 fresh herbs from Bidwell Training Center – Drew Mathieson Greenhouse and donated ornaments to the residents of the buildings. 

It was such a hit, that we’re doing it again!

While you’re putting up your decorations, if you come across any ornaments or small decorations that you’d like to donate, please drop them off at our office:

733 Washington Road, Suite 102, Pittsburgh, PA 15228

If you’re unable to drop them off, we’ll pick them up! 

Here are a few pics from last year’s event and some of the items that have been donated for this year!