PAWAgN Workshop

Understanding How to Deal with Condescension and Disrespect From Others Involved in Farming

When: April 24, 2019

Time: 10:00 AM – Noon

Cost: $10.

Send check payable to Penn State or Cash to:

302 Armsby Building
University Park, PA 16802
before April 16th or you will need to pay at the door. Space is limited.

Registration is Required

Where: The Rodale Institute, Kutztown, PA

Have you ever felt hurt that others have not respected you as a woman farmer? Does that make you angry so that you respond in a way you don’t feel good about afterward? In this workshop, Dr. Jay Carter will show us how to “stop being hurt by them without becoming one of them.” Dr. Carter was raised on a farm with very strong females. He is a licensed psychologist and has written a series of books about this topic. Nasty People, Nasty Men, Nasty Women and Nasty Bosses. He has led numerous workshops, been featured on television and authored books and films. Dr. Jay will address some of the common issues women farmers encounter in trying to be respected as a farmer in this day and age. Join us at the Rodale Institute for an informative morning to help you make this season be one of your best. Invest time in your personal growth so your farm’s growth will benefit.

Have you:

  • Been told to send your husband down or asked to speak to your husband
  • Been called little girl or some other demeaning name
  • Been laughed at because you don’t know the name of a part or technique
  • Not been given a loan because you are applying as a single woman
  • Been generalized by female characteristics such as too nice, weak, emotional, etc.
  • Being manipulated by men and not standing up for yourself
  • Had men talk over you at meetings or ignore your comments
  • Been constantly interrupted
  • Left you out of invitations to meetings because you are a woman
  • Been put in situations where you must defend other women farmers like the put down somehow defines you as well
  • Been afraid of loud, bossy, pushy or brash men

You need to register for this unique event.