Slow Food Pittsburgh’s Laptop Butchershop

Slow Food Pittsburgh‘s Laptop Butchershop celebrates fourteen years of connecting Pittsburgh with organic and/or carefully-raised local meats and poultry. Animals are pastured, meaning they are raised outdoors on grass, the way nature intended. Some animals are fed grains, also carefully raised. The meat is exceptionally delicious and heart-healthy, rich in correctly balanced CLA’s/nutrients. These products contain no additives, no antibiotics and no hormones. Many vendors allow you to pick the cuts and quantity you want–just like a real butchershop. Please understand: our producers work on a very small scale–this is why we love them! But, they must sell the whole animal, not just steaks, loins and chops so try roasts, ground meat.

  • WHAT: Place your e-mail pre-orders now thru Thurs, 4/11
  • PICK-UP: Sat., April 13; 10 am – 1 pm
  • WHERE: Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance Parking Lot, 150 54th St, Lawrenceville (directions)
  • HOW:
    • Email items/quantities, name & telephone number.
    • Wait for CONFIRMATION email – this is your way to know the vendor received your order. If you don’t receive an email within 1-2 days, please call them.
    • Pay (cash/check) at pick up. Note: some accept credit cards.

OUR PICK-UP DAY HOST: Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance
Founded in 1999 (Pam Bryan is one of the founders), Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance is a farmer-owned cooperative in Southwest PA whose mission is to provide high quality, farm-fresh products directly to customers while providing a sustainable living to the farmers.

As a group of more than 30 members, PCFA delivers fruits, veg, and other farm-raised foods directly to customers in the Pittsburgh area through its CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program.

2019 CSA sign-ups are on now: SUBSCRIBE HERE

Blackberry Meadows Farm – Jen Montgomery and Greg Boulos, Natrona Heights, PA

Jen & Greg are known for their certified organic produce and now, lucky for us, their pork. Their pigs are Duroc/Yorkshire/Large Black/Hereford crosses raised on non-GMO feed and pasture. All pork is frozen.

  • PORK
    • new Bacon, loin, sliced – $10/lb
    • Bacon, belly, sliced – 1 lb – $10.00/lb
    • Bacon, jowl, sliced or chunk 1 lb – $10.00/lb
    • Bacon, Hillbilly (shoulder) 1 lb – $9.50/lb
    • Belly: Fresh Side (whole or sliced) – $8.50 lb
    • new Bratwurst links (smoked) – $10/lb
    • Bratwurst links (fresh) – $9/pkg
    • Bone in loin chops – $8/lb
    • Boneless chops – $8.50/lb
    • Bones for stock – $2/lb (3# bags)
    • Ear – $2/each
    • Fatback (whole) – $3/lbs
    • Fat (Cubed) – $2.50/Lb (2# packs)
    • Fresh Ham Roast – $6.50/lb
    • Ground Pork – $5.25/lb
    • Griller Package 2 lbs pork patties/1 lb hotdogs – $17.25
    • Ham Cutlets (fresh) – $6/lb
    • Ham Loaf – $7/lb
    • Heart $3/each, .75 lb organ
    • Hocks (smoked or fresh) – $6.50/lb
    • Hot Dogs (pork with beef) – $8/lb
    • new all pork kielbassi – $8/lb
    • Kidneys – $4/2 per pkg
    • Liver (sliced) $3.50/lb
    • Loin Roast – Bone-in $20 – about 3-5 lbs
    • Steak (ham) $6/lb
    • Steak (shoulder) $7.50/lb
    • Shoulder Roast $20 per roast – about 3 lbs each
    • Smoked Ham Roasts $5.50/lb – specify size
    • Smoked Ham Slices $6.25/lb
    • Smoked Sausage – $10/pkg
    • Spare Ribs $5/lb
    • Tenderloin Roast $9/ .75 lbs
    • Trotters $3/each

Build-a-Pig: tell us how big your pig and we compile the cuts based on our average 138# half hog. Email for details. $100.00 Deposit

Half Hog: hogs finish between 80#-120# per side at $3.75/# (Balance due upon delivery). Cut your way. Email for details. $200.00 Deposit

Email name, phone, items/quantities/phone to Call 724-226-3939 with questions or if you don’t receive email confirmation within 1-2 days

Jarosinski Farm – Kevin Jarosinski, Sarver, PA
Kevin raises his animals on his first generation family farm under the “Animal Welfare Approved” standards. He has limited lamb to offer this time.

  • Fresh Pastured Duck Eggs: $7/half dozen
  • Pastured Lamb:
    • Leg of Lamb [Average 5 lb]: $13/lb.
    • Ground Lamb: $12/lb
    • Rack of Lamb [Average 2-3 lb]: $55/rack
    • Lamb Liver [1 lb. pkg]: $ 8/lb.
    • Lamb Heart [1 lb. pkg]: $6/lb.
    • Lamb Bones [2 lb. pkg]: $6/lb.

Please email your selections to Kevin at Include your telephone number so he can call you if he has any questions. If you don’t receive an email/call from him in 1-2 days, you can follow up with a call to him at 412-398-9813. Accepts cash, checks.

Old Time Farm – Shelly Oswald, Stoneboro, PA
A note from Shelly: “The Chantecler chickens traditionally raised by Old Time Farm from hatch to harvest are one of the delicious and distinctive foods facing extinction and championed by the Canadian Slow Food Ark of Taste. Your purchase contributes to our conservation efforts as we have more eggs to select from to be incubated and more birds are hatched to choose future parent stock from, which both increase the genetic diversity of our flock.” Raised on pasture/custom non-GMO feed. Chicken is frozen.

  • Pasture-raised free-range eggs from our Partridge Chantecler hens are “in-season” – $6/dozen
  • Gizzards $5/lb (approx 3/4 lb packages)
  • Feet are $4/lb and are not scalded or peeled.
  • Reserve your 2019 Harvest Chantecler Chicken:
    • 1 bird for $8/lb
    • 5 or more birds $7.50/lb
    • 10 or more $7/lb
    • 5 or 10 Deals can be taken all at once or throughout the July to November harvest season. Size varies from 3 1/2 to 7 lb, depending on harvest age – email for more details.

You can place your order on Shelly’s website or via email.
Email name, phone, items/quantities/phone to or call 724-316-0148 with questions or if you don’t receive email confirmation within 1-2 days.

Rose Ridge Farm – Deanna and David McMaken, Waynesburg, OH
Check out Rose Ridge’s melt-in-the-mouth certified organically-raised beef. Beef is grass-fed plus small amounts of organic grain raised on farm. All beef is frozen.

“Well Fed Beef”
Most cuts are available in limited supply – please ask.
Note: our usual list of cuts will be available in quantity again starting May.

    • 5 pds – $6.50/pd
    • 10 pds – $6/pd
    • 20 pds – $5/pd
    • 50 pds – $4/pd
  • “Very Lean Grass Fed Beef”
    • Ground Beef – $7.00 per lb.
    • Stew Meat – $7.25 per lb.
    • Fajita Stir Fry – $7.50 per lb. – 1\2 – 3\4 lb. pkg.
    • “French Style” thin steak – tasty and lean but not the American juicy fork tender steak – $9.00 lb.
  • Hot Dogs – lean all beef $8.00 per pkg.

Please email your selections to David & Deanna at Include your telephone number so they can call you if they have any questions. If you don’t receive an email/call within 1-2 days, you can follow up with a call at 330-904-5365. Accepts cash, checks.