Hoop House Workday with Black Urban Gardeners

July 23, 2023

Hoop House Workday

11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Location: 7013 Monticello St, Homewood, PA 15208

Join Black Urban Gardeners for a day filled with fun activities at the farm, classes, food, and drinks!


About Raqueeb Bey and Black Urban Gardeners:

The Black Urban Gardeners and Farmers of Pittsburgh Co-op” (BUGFPC). BUGFPC was created out of the need to unite black urban agriculturalist in the Pittsburgh area for support and to dismantle the systemic racism that infiltrates our communities to further improvised already oppress people. We are a grassroots organization that has brought together a collective group of black gardeners and farmers to work together to solve challenges that we face here in Pittsburgh as urban growers. We have over 20 members of our cooperative collectively and over 50 years of farming and gardening experience; as well as social activism; community engagement; land conservation and acquisition and entrepreneurship.

The mission of The Black Urban Gardeners and Farmers of Pittsburgh Co-op is to establish, educate and assist black people for sustainability and food sovereignty. Our vision statement for BUGS is we will be the organization that best understands black cultural needs and aspects of healthy living and we will honor all personal and collective visions that we have without bias. Our values are: To advocate for good health, to be great stewards of the land with humanity and to demonstrate tranquility to nature as well as to one another and ourselves and trusting in and supporting our gifts and talents for the advancement of our community.