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Old Time Farm in Stoneboro, PA
Pennsylvania 16153
Phone #: 814-786-7687
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Shelly.OldTimeFarm
County: Mercer
Beef, chicken and turkey from heritage breeds of livestock in need of conservation.  Our Chantecler chickens, Standard Bronze turkeys and American Milking Devon cattle are all on the Slow Foods Ark of Taste.  All livestock are bred, hatched/calved, and raised on on our farm.  Poultry are pastured and supplemented with a nutrient dense custom feed made with local Non-GMO grains and cattle are grass-fed and grass finished with balanced organic minerals available.  The longer production times for our heritage livestock mean increased nutrient density and depth of flavor for your plate.  Your purchase helps preserve these rare breeds along with the genetic diversity they provide!
Breeding stock, chicks, turkey poults, pullets and hatching eggs all available as well.  We breed for production as well as to breed standard.  Our Turkey genetics have been bred for production for over 100 years, our Chantecler chickens are dual-purpose and cold hardy and our Milking Devon cattle are triple purpose - oxen, beef and dairy.
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