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Full-flavor, non-GMO sunflower oil
non-GMO Canola Oil
non-GMO Hemp Seed Oil
non-GMO Sunflower Oil Gallon
Non-GMO Caola Oil Gallon
Non-GMO Sunflower oil 35# jug
Non-GMO Canola Oil 35# Jug
Full-flavor, non-GMO sunflower oilnon-GMO Canola Oilnon-GMO Hemp Seed Oilnon-GMO Sunflower Oil GallonNon-GMO Caola Oil GallonNon-GMO Sunflower oil 35# jugNon-GMO Canola Oil 35# Jug
349 Village Rd., Pennsylvania 17756
Phone #: 5702204932
Facebook Page:
County: Lycoming
Susquehanna Mills started out as an idea that became an obsession that has grown into a small, local seed-oil mill  producing non-GMO and organic cooking oils from PA-grown crops for the tri-state area of NY, NJ, and PA. We produce superlative products that support our region’s agricultural health, and are delicious & nutritious.
We press canola and sunflower seeds into minimally processed vegetable oils. Canola’s smoke point is 400 degrees F while Sunflower’s is 425. So these oils can be used in place of peanut, corn, and commercially blended vegetable oil in all cooking and baking applications.
We’re passionate about food and local agriculture & sustainability. We want to make delicious ingredients available to our region and create sustainable initiatives and partnerships that span segments of agriculture.
We also upcycle waste vegetable oil into biodiesel and the meal, a byproduct of our manufacturing process, becomes part of agricultural feed rations. 
In addition to serving many retail clients through our distribution partnerships, we deliver sustainably produced seed oils to various restaurants and universities in our delivery radius of about 3 hours from our shop in Muncy, PA. We also offer direct-to-consumer shopping online. 
Learn even more about who we are and what we do at
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