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DON’T TRASH THAT TREE!  drop-off info for post holiday tree recycling!
Coming soon at the 2024 Pennsylvania Farm Show- “Connecting Communities & Opportunities: Building Equity in the Food System”
With Community Cultures, Trevor Ring Teaches Food Preservation Techniques That Have Lasted For Centuries
EASY AS PIE! last minute Thanksgiving treats that really bring something to the table
THE BIRD IS THE WORD!  get the centerpiece of your holiday table straight from the source


Join the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and PA Preferred® for the 2023 Farm to Institutional Wholesale Two-Day Work Shop, a free, all expenses covered, educational event for farmers. On Tuesday December 5th through Wednesday December 6th, 2023 this presented at the Keystone Conference Center at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg.  PA Preferred® is providing meals…

“justART: art in the face of injustice” at Just Harvest

Just Harvest was established in 1986 to promote an equitable system of food access, working to advocate, organize, educate, and connect while addressing the systemic inequity that is the root cause of scarcity in a nation of abundance.  In the decades since their inception,  they’ve achieved tremendous success in providing assistance to combat pretty much…

Support the School Lunch Debt Cancellation Act!

Students across the United States have collectively accrued over 260 million dollars in school debt, not for books or athletic equipment or field trips or loans. They owe it for lunch, which over 30 million children in this country can’t afford, and 80 million of it is in owed in Pennsylvania. The School Lunch Debt…


We’re so excited for the Babesburgh mixer at the Warhol Academy this Wednesday! Looking forward to the opportunity to connect and make new friends over delicious food and delightful drinks! The latter are brought by Pennsylvania distillers incorporating local ingredients with a commitment to quality, evident in the selection of seasonal cocktails they bring. Eight…